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"They hit just about every genre that you could possibly affix an Americana stamp to. And the title track of their Surfing Through The Looking Glass album is an amazing mashup of Americana styles."

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"The Vine Brothers recorded their album No Candy in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. Their ability to balance a variety of roots styles - Gypsy jazz, folk, and blues - seems to emanate from that environment. Unlike a number of other acts jumping on the Americana bandwagon, there is a warm sincerity to the Vine Brothers that cannot be denied. Greg Bucking, guitarist/vocalist/songwriter for the band, discusses how it all came together."  Click the link for the full interview.

No Depression

"Hailing from the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, The Vine Brothers have the shine of authenticity to them. With a number of Americana acts from large cities and merely adopting backwoods roots sounds, the Vine Brothers are steeped in it. Their latest album, No Candy, is a percolating blend of Gypsy jazz, blues, folk, and country, delivered with sun-baked vocal harmonies and spiky instrumentation. They sound older than dirt and timeless at the same time; their music has one foot in the past but an eye to the future.

Consisting of guitarist Greg Bucking, bassist Garrett Jones, and mandolin player Joe Credit III, the Vine Brothers kick up the dust and jam with infectious vigor. On "Bad Faith," the group speeds through an acoustic jam and lets go of the brake. How exhilarating it is to hear this trio burn the house down with their fast and ferocious stomp. This is clearly a band that knows has the heartland in its soul. "Tea Leaves" opens slowly but then builds up, setting off sparks in a wall of strings.

The Vine Brothers are effortlessly able to tone it down as well. "Mr. Gentry" is soulful and dreamy with ethereal vibraphone contributed by Adams Collins. No Candy is absolutely delicious."

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Album Review: No Candy

What New York City-based bluegrass trio The Vine Brothers lacks in volume, it makes up in tangible joy on its new eight-song outing, “No Candy.” That’s not to say they can’t raise hell, but the power of this band is in its subtlety and the air breathing between the notes.

Bluegrass is the approach — mandolin, string bass, guitar, and three-part harmonies that often come off sounding like four — but the band is a little darker than your run of the mill, propped-on-a-porch-picking-and-grinning situation. And lemme tell ya, these cats can pick, boy.

The guests are minimal on “No Candy,” and the album is bare-boned for the most part and sounds to be definitely recorded live with no fanfare or gizmos. Close your eyes and you can picture The Vine Brothers as the notes pour forth from a room whose embrace is almost like an instrument in and of itself.

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The Vine Brothers are a trio that formed in the South, but its members are spread all across the country.  They come together to form one of the best and most innovative bluegrass-Americana bands in the U.S.  Their original material pushes the boundaries of Americana, with heavy influences from jazz and classical music, and their arrangements of cover tunes are on point: Check out their cover of "The Ghost of Stephen Foster". A classic string band, the trio consists of a mandolinist, guitarist, and upright bassist.  Their shows are always high energy and fun, sometimes including medleys of Star Wars tunes, and other times incorporating spacey jazz improvisations.  They are always locked in to each other, and their love of playing with each other, and for others, spills off the stage. They arguably hold the mantle of Americana music.


"This is really entertaining. It is a conglomeration of musical styles. It is called folk, but folk sells it short. It is a little country, a little vaudeville, a little blues, a little swing, and a little gypsy music. I think that clears it up pretty good. Well, you will just have to listen for yourself to see what I mean...... Extremely talented musicians that float flawlessly from style to style. Again, they do it in such a manner as to create their own sound and genre, Gypsycore.... I must say, my favorite track is A Little More Something (Track 3). It is a funky number that I can hardly believe is played with all acoustic instruments..... They really create a rich sound and a great groove which is a testament to their talent and fine playing. The Box (Track 6) is another fine number that delves into salsa and Latin music. It is a very catchy tune. Great album from opening to close...."  (Full article at link)

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Fayetteville, Arkansas' Vine Brothers use bluegrass as a root to loftier things. The instrumentation — mandolin, guitar, upright bass — is certainly a rootsy strain of wood and wire along with an old tyme approach to the music. But there is also the pervading lilt of Gypsy jazz along with soulful lyrics that skirt the twilight between happy and sad, light and dark. It's bluesy, too, offering a way to draw the listener in with its familiarity and crowning then with its uniquely unmatched and unparalleled twists and twirls.

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The three piece band, Greg Bucking on guitar, Joe Credit III, and upright bassist Garrett Jones, may worship at the altar of Django Reinhardt—with their gypsy-jazz stringed attack—but hints of Neil Young and the Band burn like myrrh through their soulful, Americana chantry. They’ve even been known to play the occasional N’awlins-flavored cover of “Sing Sing Sing” by The King of the Swing, Louis Prima. Their latest album, The Devil and the Deep Black Sky ranges from a lazy float down the Mississippi on songs like “No Desire,” to ruckus, knee slapping fun on songs like “Tune to Go.” Don’t miss them this Saturday, April 11 at The Public Presents at Nietzsche’s

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"The Vine Brothers: Bright and buttery...flamboyant with a touch of oak...Kickass but not too tart...a unique brand of bluesy folk gypsy jazz...Straight off the vine...Love them..."

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"The Vine Brothers dropped in randomly to the Teavolve Cafe & Lounge open mic and blew the collective minds of those present back on February 25th, 2013."

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